Splatoon 2’s Latest Splatfest Will Settle a Bitter Fork Vs. Spoon Battle

In Nintendo’s newest attempt to cause dissent and rile up the wholesome community of Splatoon 2, players of the colorful third-person shooter will have to choose between the utility of a fork versus that of a spoon. Butter knife enthusiasts are not allowed a say in the dispute, I suppose.

Splatfests have made a name for themselves with absurd binaries, including pulp vs. no pulp in orange juice, love vs. money, and even licensed match-ups with characters like the Ninja Turtles. Like most Splatfests before it, Fork vs. Spoon will last for 24 hours, take place on a rotation of three stages, and begin tonight at midnight EST.

One has to even wonder what Splatoon 2 means when it pits the two essential utensils against each other. They both have their uses—you won’t be using a fork to eat soup, or a spoon to eat spaghetti. But when it comes to something like macaroni and cheese, one can see where the debate might begin.

You can play Splatoon 2, which could receive more updates in the future, on Nintendo Switch.

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