Limited Edition Delayed Again in North America Due to Problems with US Customs

Owlboy: Limited Edition, which was first teased back in May, has had a very turbulent road to release in North America. While this Limited Edition is already out in Europe, it got delayed to August, then September 28 in North America over the course of the summer. Today, we learned that it has been delayed even further in North America until October 19.

While the previous delays were due to wanting a simultaneous worldwide release, which didn’t end up happening, and the Limited Edition having a more complex assembly process than expected, this delay happened because of US Customs.

According to publisher Soedesco, the physical boxes have all already been wrapped up and shipped over for distribution, but have been held by US Customs.  While they are currently working to resolve this, there are several bureaucratic procedures to go through, which is taking a long time. You can check out Soedesco’s statement regarding the delay below:

The Owlboy: Limited Edition has flown across the Atlantic, is all wrapped up and ready to be distributed. Unfortunately though for those awaiting their order in North America, the Limited Edition is currently being held by U.S. customs.

The issue is currently being solved, but these procedures take some time, resulting in an additional waiting period for customers in North America. The new expected release date of the Limited Edition in North America is the 19th of October.

While Owlboy: Limited Edition won’t be arriving in North America until October 19, the base game of Owlboy is already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you want to see DualShockers thoughts on the game, you can check out our review and our opinions on the Nintendo Switch port. 

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