Fire Emblem Heroes to Add Legendary Hero Marth Tomorrow

The addition of Marth to Fire Emblem Heroes may be the most obvious one of all, but the legendary status of the hero was enough to warrant an announcement and trailer. While the game regularly adds characters pulled from the franchise, and variations of Marth have been made available to players, this will be the first “Legendary” version of Marth for the mobile game.

Players of Heroes are likely surprised that it took this long for Marth to receive this treatment, as the character known as the “Hero-King” is undoubtedly the most famous character in the franchise. Ever since he appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee all the way back in 2001, he not only became popular in the West, but made it possible for the then-Japan-only franchise to make it to other territories.

Legendary Hero Marth: Hero-King is only one of the many heroes to appear in the game’s next event, which will begin tomorrow, August 28. Check out the announcement video for Marth’s Legendary inclusion to Heroes below. The game is downloadable on both iOS and Android.

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